LED-Kit 72-74 (Red turn signal, 12 volt) Version 7.1




LED bulb for Karmann Ghia and VW Type 3
LED modules 72-74 Red/Amber

KarmannGhiaLED modules 72-74
LED bulb conversion kit Karmann Ghia and VW Type 3

New and improved kit of six modules for year model 1972-1974 Karmann Ghia. The kit contains six modules in total, with two or each: Turn signal, Brake/rear signal and Reverse light.
This kit also fits in the VW Type 3 year model 70-74

You get:
2 x Turn signal light modules in RED (US standard)
2 x Brake/ rear signal modules light in RED
2 x Reverse light modules in clear WHITE
2 x Ground connector 4-to1
Heat shrink tube to cover the connections

The light intensity is greatly improved to the stock bulbs:
Turn signal light is 2,5 times brighter
Rear/tail light is 2,5 times brighter
Brake light is 2 times brighter
Reverse light is 1,5 times brighter

The modules are fitted with 6.3 mm Faston crimp connectors so they can be connected directly to the car wiring harness.
You install them in the bulb holder and lead the wires through the hole in the back where the removed stock bulb was placed.

You need a little bit of construction glue / builders mounting glue or something else to make them sit securely in the bulb holder.


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