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VW Type 3 LED demo

Please enjoy this 14 minutes video from a happy customer “Boxers Garage” taking you through the entire process of mounting the LED modules in the tail lights.
The installation process is uncomplicated as the modules are coming with crimp connectors matching the existing wiring in the car. There are no need for changing any of the wiring – just plug the module on the existing wires in the rear of your car.

Rear LED lights upgrade of VW Notchback

Rear LED lights upgrade of VW Notchback

Below is a sample of photos from the installation process

The LED modules are mounted in the tail lamp holder with builders glue. Cables are going through the hole from the removed stock bulb and they are connected to the car’s wiring with matching crimp connectors.

Reverse light is clear and bright and about double the light intensity compared to stock bulbs.

Turn signal light is instant on/off which creates more visibility for the traffic behind the car.

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KG 1966 with LED in LH side

LED modules seen in dawn

This is a small video showing the powerful LED modules in the drivers side of my 1966 KG. The video was shot at 60 meters distance to get a true perspective from a car behind.
The turn signals are super clear with instant on and bright light. Tail light in the lowest lens shines bright so the video shows starburst compared to RH side. The modules are version 5.0, and I’m currently selling version 6.0 where light intensity has been increased with up to 25%

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KG 1970 with LED in one side

This KG 1970 has the LED modules fitted on RH side only to show the difference.
Clear and bright rear light with super red and bright brake light.
Turn signal light is instant on and with no glow-lagging making it more visible and safer in the traffic.

LED modules with bright light
LED modules seen in daylight