About Us

Karmann Ghia 1966

Welcome to Karmann Ghia LED.
This is a tiny private project were I produce hand made LED modules for VW Karmann Ghia form my home in Denmark.
It all started with my wife telling me off one day after she was driving behind my KG 1966 on the way to the body shop. She could not see my tail lights and was very clear about her support to the my ownership of this little beauty if I didn’t find a solution for the dizzy lights.

I am trained as an electronic engineer from back in the days before the Walkman and CD’s – where Hi-Fi systems were 19″ and the speakers were sized like washing machines. So it not so difficult for me to make the electronic circuit design, get some PCB’s made and start making the first revisions of LED modules.
I obviously had tried the LED bulbs you can get in China, and I concluded like you have all done: They are not bright, they are suffering from same bad connections in the socket, and they need a shiny and new reflector in the bulb holder to give a mediocre result. Therefore I was sure that the solution had to be perfectly shaped PCB-modules with powerful LED chips producing clear and bright light without being dependent on good ground connection in the socket or shiny reflectors in the bulb holder.

The project is spare time only, and not a big business. It’s driven by passion for the KG’s and hope that we can keep more of them running if this project can prevent a few road accidents.

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